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The Sandon Global Mobile App has been designed for worldwide use by flexo printers and associated partners either on the print shop floor or whilst on the move.

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Our 1st Phase release contains 6 sections allowing you quick and easy access to our Anilox Inspection, Cleaning and Storage solutions. Content includes everything from operator usage instructions for our full range of cleaning chemicals to troubleshooting tips to overcome common flexo print faults. The App is currently only available in English.

Simple Quick Quote, Order Request, Technical Support and Enquiry forms are submitted directly to our Team in HQ.

Additional sections provide access to a broad range of ancillary products and invaluable Troubleshooting information powered by EFIA in a simple Flexo Fault A to Z Directory. If you need further support the App allows you to request Technical Support. Finally, our Engravings and Video sections contain interesting infographic content on how we maintain our position as the award-winning anilox supplier of choice to the international flexographic community.

We are already planning new features for subsequent versions of this App, however encourage your feedback which will help to focus our efforts on building a practical mobile solution that will save you valuable time on the shop floor, vital in what is a deadline driven industry.

NOTE: This App requires the user to set up a Login and Password on our website here so please follow the simple Registration instructions here https://sandonglobal.com/register/ once you have downloaded the App. Simply submit your email address and company name then once authorised you can use the functions continuously and login to our website.

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