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Formula 12

November 2019

ULTRASONIC – NEUTRALISER Supplied in 5 litre bottles.

Formula 12 has been developed to neutralise our soiled Formula 9 & 10 solutions.


Because of ecological considerations Waste solution should be treated before disposing this process is known as Neutralising. To Neutralise the soiled Formula 9 or 10 Solution, Formula 12 Neutralise needs to be added to the waste solution in a separate waste container. 1 Litre of Formula 12 Neutralise is required for every 5 Litres of virgin Formula 9 or 10 Solution present in the waste. E.G: 17 Litres of Cleaning Solution used for filling the system requires 3.2 Litres of Formula 12 Neutralise to be added. Leave this waste product to neutralise between 2-3 hours prior. On disposal filter any large ink particles from the waste product to avoid contamination.

Highly recommended: Check the pH of the neutralised solution prior to disposal to ensure it complies with your local authorities’ legislation. This process should not take place in our tank. Failure to comply with this rule will void the warranty given with the machine. Disposal: Because of ecological considerations Waste solution should be treated as hazardous and disposed of in accordance with local and national regulations in force at the time.

A full Safety Data Sheet is supplied with this product.

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