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Formula 4

November 2019

DEEP CLEANING AGENT – ALL INKS Supplied in 1 litre bottles

A strong, less aggressive cleaning fluid, for all ink types. A good daily cleaning solution or for intensive cleaning between mechanical cleans.


1) Wear protective clothing, gloves (Thick Rubber, Nitrile or Latex, EN374, resistant to strong alkali)
and glasses.
2) Apply Formula 4 using a sponge, and vigorously rub in circular motions onto the anilox.
3) Leave to work for 5 – 15 minutes. Re-agitate the area every 3-5 minutes.
4) Using a damp lint free cloth, wipe the Formula 4 off the anilox.
5) Rinse the anilox with water using a lint free cloth until no Formula 4 is present.
6) Dry the anilox with a lint free cloth. If any areas have been missed repeat the process until the anilox is clean.
7) Volume check the anilox with Sandon Global AniCheck inspection equipment.
8) Safely store Formula 4.

A full Safety Data Sheet is supplied with this product.

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