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Formula 9

November 2019

ULTRASONIC CLEANING SOLUTION – A Supplied in 5 litre bottles.

Formula 9 has been developed to operate in our range of Ultrasonic Wash Tanks.


It is recommended that the Formula 9 Solution is mixed with water in the ratio of between 10% -15% of the tank capacity. This holds approximately 165 litres so between 17 and 25 litres of this detergent should be placed in the wash tank prior to first filling.

Formula 9 Solution must be stored, handled and disposed of in accordance with the instructions given in the material data sheet, and current applicable legislation. Only staff who are familiar with the material data sheet of this chemical, and who are using the prescribed personal protective equipment of gloves and safety glasses should be allowed to operate this machine. In particular its hazard identification (section 2), handling and storage (section 7), and its exposure & control (section 8) should be understood and followed.

A full Safety Data Sheet is supplied with this product.

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