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Anilox choice is key to switching from solvent to water-based flexo printing on film

Long reserved for paper, carton, and board printing, advances in water-based ink technology are opening new avenues for printing on a wider range of substrates. Today’s water-based formulations are starting to match the performance characteristics of solvent-based alternatives, enabling them to be used with traditionally more challenging materials like multilayer films. However, as mounting regulations…

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Why switch from conventional engravings on anilox rollers?

While anilox technology as we know it is only a few decades old, you could argue its roots go back millennia. It’s possible to draw a direct line between the rotary stamping techniques used in ancient Sumeria in around 3,000 BCE, through the invention of the printing press, past the Industrial Revolution, and all the…

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Building for the Future: the story of Sandon Global’s new HQ

At Sandon Global, we believe in investing in the future.  Since we were founded in 2004, we have focused on providing high quality anilox solutions to our customers, and on continually striving to improve through hard work, research and development, and re-investment. Through multiple Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) and acquisitions of cutting-edge technology, we’re now…

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What sets our anilox coatings apart?

The importance of the anilox coating in consistent flexographic printing cannot be overstated. Regardless of the quality of the laser you use, trying to engrave cells into a weak or variable outer layer will result in a sub-standard final product. A poor-quality coating will significantly affect overall anilox performance, whether it manifests in a shorter…

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