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We recognise that to ensure consistent delivery of Anilox that are fit for purpose, Quality needs to be built in to all aspects of our business.

Quality cannot just be a set of final Quality Control checks before product is delivered to our customers.

We therefore consider all aspects of the business, including;

  • Recruitment of highly skilled and experienced sales partnerships across the globe building customer relationships and ensuring identification of suitably specified Anilox meeting all technical and customer requirements
  • Effective communication between our Sales and Customer Services teams to ensure customer requirements are not lost between the Enquiry, Order and generation of Works Order processes
  • Recruitment of skilled operators who pass through an internal training programme under the guidance of a mentor before carrying out operations under their own responsibility
  • Future proofing through
    • recruitment of Apprentices to the Sandon Global structured training programme rotating through different processes
    • investment in equipment such as the latest Laser Engraving and Plasma Coating systems
  • Internal quality checks at every process stage – an Anilox cannot be released onto the next process stage unless it has been processed using specified machine settings and all measured parameters are within tolerance. Only then is the Anilox signed off by the operator and positively released to the next process stage. This ensures we reproduce the same engraving specification every time, since our customers depend on such consistency to replicate their print jobs
  • Identification and mitigation of potential risks to the business
  • Rigorous identification and rectification of any internal non-conforming product
  • Close partnerships with suppliers of quality-critical raw materials, who understand our quality, technical and delivery requirements

Alongside supply of Anilox products which are fit for purpose, we believe that effective communication with our customers is essential for encouraging customer satisfaction.

We are proud to have been awarded the European Flexographic Industry Association (EFIA) Gold Award for ‘Supplier of the Year’ for each of the last five years. This award particularly important to us since it is voted for by customers across a wide range of suppliers.

Sandon Global

Effective internal communication is encouraged through the regular publishing of departmental operations and quality performance. This is discussed at weekly Continuous Improvement meetings with the individual departmental operations teams, to ensure any non-conformances have been root-cause analysed to prevent recurrence, and any improvement suggestions by the teams are assessed.

Quality is built in to all aspects of our operation, however we are constantly aiming to further improve our systems to ensure consistent supply of a variety of products to our customers, on time and to the required specification.

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