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KIVO – Improved Print

“We have bought a new, high quality machine W&H Novaflex 2 fitted with anilox sleeves from Sandon Global, we can achieve and maintain the highest possible quality. The anilox sleeves helps us to get a very high print quality. Wear is a lot less than the other brand of anilox sleeves we are using. The…

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Total Label Inc. Canada

After years of frustration trying to get quality aniloxes for our narrow web presses, I started looking beyond North America for a solution. My search took me to the Sandon Global website. I was intrigued by what I saw and the one thing that caught my eye was this: “We take great pride in the…

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NPK Technolog

“We purchased Sandon Global aniloxes in October 2017 and May 2018. We did not discover any issues with the aniloxes using them in our production, on the contrary, the performance of the aniloxes is excellent – good ink transfer, durable ceramic coating, solvent-resistant sleeve construction, consistent results on long print runs. Summing up, Sandon Global…

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Skymark Flexibles

“Our Anilox were regularly becoming chipped and damaged when being moved to and from the printing press. Sandon Global’s sleeve covers are robust and offer significant protection.” Dale Smith

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Label Express

“The patent pending “GMX” GB1520915.8 outperformed previous standard specifications by applying a market leading tactile coating on our beer label. This is due to the cells ability to pick up and transfer large particles due to its shallow nature.” Mark Freestone

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