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Total Label Inc. Canada

After years of frustration trying to get quality aniloxes for our narrow web presses, I started looking beyond North America for a solution. My search took me to the Sandon Global website. I was intrigued by what I saw and the one thing that caught my eye was this: “We take great pride in the performance and engraving consistency produced by our time-served engineers, laser operators and finishers.” I needed to see this. I was starting to think a decent anilox was a thing of the past.
I reached out to Sandon Global for a quote and discussions on an order of rollers. With their location in the UK and Total Label Inc. located in Western Canada, I was not sure how communications would be however I was impressed as a cheerful reply came very quickly and the rest just fell into place and the order was sent in. Now I thought.. what will these aniloxes be like? When they arrived, they were light in the hands and the cells were so uniform, it was amazing. The aniloxes have become an important part of our production. I have also noticed that the aniloxes run and stay cleaner. Any cell plugging that occurs during a run washes out easily (compared to the other brands we have). I strongly recommend that you give them a try! Gary Johanson, Total Label Inc.

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