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European Packaging Preferences Study 2020

A European study of 5,900 consumers conducted online by independent research company, Toluna.
Nationally representative surveys were undertaken in Austria (500), Denmark (350), Finland (350), France (1,000), Germany (1,000), Italy (1,000), Norway (350), Sweden (350) and the UK (1,000). The survey sought to explore and understand
consumer preferences, perceptions, and attitudes towards packaging.

European Packaging Preferences 2020

Global Trends Spotlight Report 2020 issued by drupa

The 7th drupa Global Trends Report was published in April, tracking key economic and market developments across the global print industry. This year’s Spotlight report focuses on the Strategic choices in a competitive and converging marketplace. It seeks to answer the following questions; How are printers and their suppliers in different market sectors and in different regions across the world adapting to the impact of digital media and the general downward drift in demand in many markets? What have they done so far and how do they plan to change over the next four years? Global Trends Report 2020

3rd drupa Global Trends Spotlight Report


Download a study by AV Flexologic part of the Color Control Group on the challenges we face as an industry when we finally emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The information has been compiled to inform fellow stakeholders on how we as an industry have faired in other historic disasters such as the Recession of 2008 following a financial crisis. Analysing the key metrics that may point to clues on how we can thrive during these challenging times.

Read the report

Metal Decoration Market Study

Metal is an obvious and sustainable option given its high recyclability and the continued roll-out of deposit-based collection schemes incentivising consumers to return their waste for reprocessing.

Read Market Study View Infographic
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