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Dynamic Balancing for rotating devices

Dynamic imbalance is complicated; imagine a component held in bearings, this component has perfect static balance as the centre of mass lies on the axle. However, if the component is driven so that it rotates about the shaft it will generate rotating loads on the supporting bearings as it is not dynamically balanced. Most real components will have some degree of out of balance which may need to be corrected depending on the application.

The amount of dynamic imbalance that is acceptable will depend on the mass of the component and the speed of rotation. Higher rotational speeds will reduce the amount of out of balance that can be accepted. The effects of Dynamic out of balance include vibration, noise and reduced component life.

Using our balancing machine we can carry out dynamic balancing to G2.5-G6.3 (depending on the component). We can cope with components up to 2500mm long, 1600mm diameter and weighing up to 3000kg. Every component is captured in a report containing the data for your conformance records.

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