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The process of manufacturing a roll begins with sourcing high quality steel tubes and billets. Billets are pre-machined to form the outline of the journal ends according to the engineering drawing, our tubes are then pre-machined to suit.

Journal ends are then shrunk fit into the tube working with diameters ranging from 25mm up to 380mm. We then dynamically balance the rolls and machine to the drawing specifications. We can also balance other components such as fan blades and issue a report containing the data for conformance records.

The final step is to fully inspect the roll to ensure total quality conformance before moving to the next step of our inhouse manufacturing process.


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Refurbished Rolls:

Any rolls sent in for refurbishment are assessed by our trained engineers who determine if repair is necessary or a full and new engraving is necessary. At no extra cost.

In summary our rigid precision engineering procedures ensure we;

  • Take time testing anilox components rigorously.
  • Scientifically gauge which constituent parts and materials are the best for each specification.
  • Respond to our customer’s requests with a speed and quality that outsourcing competitors cannot provide.
  • Hold stock in varying forms or readiness for a broad range of OEM models.
  • Prioritise anilox in our workflow that need immediate work, meeting the needs of our customers working in a deadline driven industry.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? If you have a specific requirement or technical question, please complete our enquiry form and a member of the team will be able to assist.

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