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Our unique GravLite System® (patented EP3368317) provides a lightweight coating solution developed specifically for 2-part beverage can decorators.

Following a market study of the metal decoration market we have identified opportunities to utilise our expertise and provide a solution to address industry drivers for change, namely; sustainability, health & safety and productivity.

GravLite System® is a unique, lightweight sleeve designed for use in over varnish units in the canning industry, applying a protective and decorative clear or tactile varnish as an alternative to traditional methods used in the metal decorating process.

Changing and maintaining conventional gravure heads can be time-consuming and therefore costly process. Our GravLite System® has been developed to replace heavier gravure cylinders typically weighing 24kg with a 2kg alternative. In turn, reducing downtime by 43.5 minutes per head on average.

In addition, the engravings used in the innovative GravLite System® stay cleaner for longer. Leading to quality, consistency and improved cleanability. In short, our innovative engravings are designed to collect and transfer lacquer more efficiently.

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The infographic below demonstrates how the GravLite System® delivers on all three fronts. To request a copy of our full Technical White Paper which includes a video demonstration please complete our simple enquiry form.

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