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Sandon Global prides itself as a forward thinking company that manufactures and refurbishes ceramic anilox rollers to the highest quality into to the post print industry. We readily offer expert support and advice to our customers.

Our unique production process incorporates it’s very own and exclusive developed EDT treatment (Enhanced Densification Treatment), eliminating substrate corrosion that can be evident over time when using water based inks and coatings. This unique process also aids improved ink release from the engraved cells giving optimum ink transfer.

We supply a number of different engravings such as High Volume Process (HVP) as well as standard 60 degree tailored to the post print market to improve quality and lay down. Performing equally well on a variety of substrates. We pride ourselves on driving engraving technology forward and are at the forefront of engraving style development. Please explore our range of engraving solutions below.

Post-print - Sandon Global

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