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The High Volume Process (also known as HVP) is an intermediate anilox that was designed to combine high line counts with high volumes for process solid and tone print. The elongated cell design allows us to increase the print latitude in comparison to conventional specifications. Key benefits include;

  • Versatile engraving used for solids, mechanical tints, vignettes, fine line/text and clean reverse out print.
  • Combines solids and tonal print on the same plate
  • Reducing anilox inventory and press downtime
  • Enhanced lay down, reducing pin-holing on solids
  • Easy cleaning
  • Improved wear characteristics, allowing cells to maintain good cell ratios and maintain their release characteristics

To request our sample pack or if you are not sure which anilox specification is right for your print work complete our simple enquiry form.

Our dedicated team will provide the advice you need to deliver optimum print results.

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