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Sandon Global’s generous donation to Children in Need Service

December 2017

Sandon Global have purchased over £2,500 in childrens Christmas presents for the local “Children In Need” Service. Today the dedicated team at Halton Borough Council collected the gifts for distribution to families who are unable to provide much in the way of Christmas presents for their own children at this time of year.

Sandon have donated gifts for a broad range of childrens ages for the past 4 years. This years donation includes a mix of toys, toiletries, games, sports equipment and books. Managing Director John Millington commented. “At this time of year it is easy to forget about people who may struggle to provide for their families for a variety of reasons. I hope this gesture will at least bring a smile to local kids faces on Christmas Day.” He adds. “Our business has been based in Runcorn for over 13 years and we know how hard the team at Halton work to support families in the borough with limited resources.”

For any local businesses or individuals wishing to donate any gifts this year please contact the “Children In Need Christmas Team” on 0303 333 4300 (open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm) or email hdl@halton.gov.uk before 22nd December.

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