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Formula 2

November 2019

NEUTRALISING POWDER for Formula 1 supplied in 1KG tube.

Used in conjunction with Formula 1 this neutralising product ensures rinse water can be disposed of safely.


1) Formula 2 is a neutralising product to return the Formula 1 rinsing water to approximately pH7.
2) Rinse all Formula 1 from the anilox.
3) Collect all rinsing water used with Formula 1 in a bucket.
4) Slowly pour neutralising powder into the bucket.
5) Foam will rise in the bucket.
6) Continue adding powder until foam / fizzing ceases. Take care when neutralising as carbon dioxide is released.
7) Once the foam has gone down, stop adding powder as all the rinsing water is neutralised.
8) The rinsing water can now be disposed with other plant residues.

A full Safety Data Sheet is supplied with this product.

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