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The process of laser engraving is crucial to the consistency and performance of our anilox rolls. Our continuous investment plan has recently added a new state-of-the-art high definition thermal optic laser taking our total to 6. All are set up on anti-vibration floors and housed in clean room, humidity-controlled conditions.

The result: A suite of unique cell designs that deliver market-leading release characteristics. We use electronic cell analysis equipment to inspect the shape, wall integrity and finishing of every roll produced.

Our appetite for development has led to a conveyor belt of cell designs for engravings used in a broad range of print techniques including; wide-web and narrow-web flexographic, gravure, lithographic and metal decoration.

Sandon Global

Laser technology increases the print parameters of what an anilox can produce using a Tri-helical technique as opposed to mechanical engraving. Our specialist knowledge and dedicated facilities have enabled Sandon Global to break new ground in the world of anilox. Producing finer screens for our customers which directly impact print quality leading to industry award-winning quality.

Thermal Optic Lasers

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