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As an Agent with Sandon Global, you have exclusive access to the EFIA Academy Platform where you can undertake three modules for training and professional development.

What is involved?

The training modules will give you an opportunity to read through recommended topics, followed by a knowledge quiz. Each of the topics and quizzes can be reviewed multiple times, prior to undertaking an online module assessment.

Please note, the assessment will be timed so please ensure you read the instructions carefully prior to starting as you will not be able to exit and start again at a later stage.

How long will it take?

We estimate the 3 modules should not take any longer than 3 months to complete.

Can I undertake more than 3 modules?

If you wish to complete further modules other than the 3 recommended modules then this will need to be financed by you directly.

Who do I contact for support?

If you have any problems with logging in or any other queries please contact finance@efia-academy.org

Begin your Training

To gain access, simply click here and click ‘Forgotten login details’. You will then be prompted to enter your agents email address and then press ‘submit’.

Within a few minutes, you should receive further instructions to your email. Please follow these instructions to start your training.

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